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Národní export:

Your direct connection to the Czech republic and Europe

About Národní export

Our philosophy is to help Czech producers export worldwide and to promote the name of Czech products often traded under different brands. Doing this we aim to supply our partners abroad with unique products for the best price while managing shipments and quality control.

In case we are not able to find a Czech producer, we will locate for you another supplier in Europe who is able to get you the product you require.

Národní export is a company cooperating with Národní klub, political organisation with more than 130 years of history..


How does it work?

We are able to outsource export department for the Czech suppliers who have great product but don’t have either funds or manpower to supply foreign markets.

For those already exporting abroad we try to find the right partner who can help them grow and scale their business.

Our team also collects international demands for various products and offer them directly in case we don’t have a local distributor in the market. This way you can get the best price possible without distribution fees.

No fees charged ahead.


What you don't know about The Czech Republic

History, tradition, technology

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia) consists of three historical regions - Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. All together creates a country with amazing history, culture and great potential for future.

Since medieval time, the Lands of the Czech crown were one of the most unique, innovative and distinctive country in Europe. Thanks to its fame and wealth Bohemia was known as the "Treasury of Europe". In the beginning of 20th century, Czechoslovakia was one of European powerhouses and famous Czechoslovakian products were exported and well recognised all over the world.

Unfortunately due to the WWII followed by communism, Czechoslovakia was separated from western civilisation for 50 years and became major supplier of technology and products for the soviet world.

Following the "Velvet revolution" in 1989 there has been a rapid return to its pre-war predominance in the world markets with high quality and products and the latest technologies.

Czechs are great in producing and inventing. Not so great in sales and marketing. That’s why we do our best to promote suppliers who have all means to enter the international markets..


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